Random Curiosity

In today’s odd things to learn: I discovered a plant called Cleavers also known as stickyweed or goosegrass. How did I discover this odd thing? Well, the other day I was weeding with Mum and my brother in the garden and I touched some of it. It felt so strange, rather sticky but it didn’t make my skin sticky. So I messed around with it a bit and went on with other things.

Then today I was walking to the place where I’ve been dogsitting lately and I brushed against some of it again. While I was looking after the dogs I decided to look it up to see if I could figure out what it was and low and behold I found this wiki article about it.

It’s got a lot of uses from food to dye. Heck, it even has medicinal proprieties.

Oh, the things I learn… lol


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